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Advances in Geosciences

Advances in Geosciences is an open access journal for refereed proceedings and special publications. Advances in Geosciences (ADGEO) is an international, interdisciplinary journal for fast publication of collections of short, but self-contained communications in the Earth, planetary and solar system sciences, published in separate volumes online with the option of a publication on paper (print-on-demand). The collections may include papers presented at scientific meetings (proceedings) or articles on a well defined topic compiled by individual editors or organizations (special publications).
Following are few Geosciences Journal Volumes
ADGEO - Recent Papers
  • In search for relationships between lightning and rainfall with a rectangular grid-box methodology
  • Characteristics of the extreme warm and cold days over Greece
  • Trends and seasonality of extreme precipitation characteristics related to mid-latitude cyclones in Europe
  • Time development of the upper cloud edge in one-dimensional approximation based on moist thermodynamics
  • Operational flood-forecasting in the Piemonte region – development and verification of a fully distributed physically-oriented hydrological model
  • Hydrometeorological and vegetation indices for the drought monitoring system in Tuscany Region, Italy
  • Intensity-dependent parameterization of elevation effects in precipitation analysis
  • Precipitation and microphysical studies with a low cost high resolution X-band radar: an innovative project prospective
  • The impact of hail storms on the agricultural economy of Cyprus and their characteristics
  • Case studies of selected Project "Flash" events
  • Relationship between forecast precipitation relative errors and skill scores: the case of rare event frequencies
  • Rain microstructure retrievals using 2-D video disdrometer and C-band polarimetric radar
  • Regularity of distribution of precipitation at the airdromes of Azerbaijan Republic
  • Dual-polarization C-band weather radar algorithms for rain rate estimation and hydrometeor classification in an alpine region
  • Preface "Observation, Prediction and Verification of Precipitation (EGU Session 2008)"
  • Model of oscillatory instability in vertically-homogeneous atmosphere
  • Precipitation climatology over Mediterranean Basin from ten years of TRMM measurements
  • Study of the factors affecting the karst volume assessment in the Dead Sea sinkhole problem using microgravity field analysis and 3-D modeling
  • New perspectives for satellite-based archaeological research in the ancient territory of Hierapolis (Turkey)
  • Sea surface topography reconstruction from X-band radar images
  • Microwave single-scattering properties of randomly oriented soft-ice hydrometeors
  • Integrated remote sensing techniques for the detection of buried archaeological adobe structures: preliminary results in Cahuachi (Peru)
  • The integration of novel diagnostics techniques for multi-scale monitoring of large civil infrastructures
  • Using the ERT method in tectonically active areas: hints from Southern Apennine (Italy)
  • Resistivity measured by direct and alternating current: why are they different?
  • GPR based soil electromagnetic parameters determination for subsurface imaging
  • Non-invasive methods applied to the case of Municipal Solid Waste landfills (MSW): analysis of long-term data
  • Historical damage pattern and causes of differential damage: an approach based on combining geophysical prospecting,
  • A multifrequency and multisensor approach for the study and the restoration of monuments: the case of the Cathedral of Matera
  • An algorithm for localization of cylinders by reflection mode scattered field
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